Comment: “No one gainz 15lbs of muscle in 6 months, my friend”

A couple of days ago, I posted a transformation from a Kino Warrior named Jonathan.

I’ll show you those pictures in a sec…

But first, I want to show a comment I got.

There were several comments like this.

I get it…

15 pounds of muscle in 6 months is impressive.

A couple of things.

  • Johnathan got lean first and was primed to gain muscle.
  • This is also his first year seriously working out.

My favorite part of this is that Jonathan chimed in with, “I did lol”.

This happens all the time.

Guys will send me their transformation photos after doing one of our programs or being coached by us.

People will claim they must be using steroids.

The person who sent me the transformation photos will see these comments and respond back… slightly surprised that people think they used gear.

Life as a Kino Warrior.

Don’t hate us cause you ain’t us, LMAO.

Let’s talk about Jonathan’s transformation…

He took this picture before he ever lifted weights.

He found Kinobody (on Youtube I think).

He was intermittent fasting and following our principles.

Cut 20 pounds of fat.

6 months ago, he began using Movie Star.

His body was primed to gain muscle at this point.

He focused on getting stronger on the key lifts (dropped all the pish-posh out of his routine).

Here’s a photo exactly 6 months later.

This is the signature Kinobody Movie Star build (look at the shoulders).

Jonathan f*ckn killed it!

He was using Kino Mojo which obviously maximized his muscle gains and helped keep him lean, etc.

But he wasn’t on any type of gear.

Almost every single before and after picture I post on Instagram gets a similar reaction.

Guys aren’t used to seeing dramatic transformations like this.

They don’t know how to accomplish this themselves, so they always comment that “it has to be roids”.

Our methods simply deliver.

I’m looking to help others get a dramatic transformation like this.

Right now, we have spots that opened up for our coaching.

Movie Star Coaching

We can absolutely help you reach a similar level to Jonathan.

When we help you get to this level…

  • People will probably accuse you of not being natural
  • You will likely face a bit of resistance from friends and family who aren’t moving forward in life

I just want to warn you about what to expect.

When you go through a dramatic transformation and build positive momentum in life… some people will get envious.

But the positives WAY outshine the negatives.

If this sounds good to you…

Apply for Movie Star Coaching

I’ll teach you how to deal with jealous and envious people once we help you hit that 1% movie star level physique.

Work directly with us and it’s a done deal!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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