2.72X in Free Testosterone (38 Years Old)

Free T is the most active form of testosterone.

It is readily available for the body to use.

Even a 20-30% increase can make a significant difference when it comes to muscle gain, body composition, confidence, focus, drive, libido, energy, etc.

Almost tripling your free T is game-changing.

That is exactly what happened to this Kino Warrior.

He just DM’d me with these results…

Scott is 38 years old.

He’s been taking The Mojo Stack for a little over 3 months.

His free T was at 87 pg/mL.

This translates into 8.7 ng/dL of free T, which is low.

You really want to be AT LEAST at 10.

But check this out, here’s after 3 months on The Mojo Stack.

His free T is at 23.67 ng/dL… almost tripled it!

That is frickin’ godlike!

I personally do everything in my power to stay in the 20-26 range.

Anything over 20 is insanely powerful.

It makes life better in so many ways.

Here’s the DM he sent me along with these results.

*Nothing delivers like The Mojo Stack with Kinobody Training system.

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I’m also going to do monthly calls.

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Mojo Mastery 2.0

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