2 Workouts Per Week – Is it Enough?

I wish I would have known it was this easy to be ripped.

I wake up each day chiseled.

Getting leaner and stronger each day.

  • I work out just 2 days per week
  • Fast in the morning
  • Get my steps in

I’m not only looking lean and ripped…

I’m feeling better and more energetic.

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Two days is enough because of the setup I outline in Lazy Ripped.

I spent most of 2023 tweaking it to get it just right.

The result?

What I believe to be the perfect 2-day setup.

You will make progress with each workout because the muscles are fully recovered.

Some of the strength jumps from workout to workout are unreal.


It shouldn’t be this easy.

This is why I named it “Lazy Ripped“.

Almost everyone else in the gym is busting ass and getting nowhere.

You walk into the gym stronger and looking better than the week before.

This happens each and every week.

Guys in the gym believe they need to “hit their muscles from every angle” with tons of sets and exercises for their muscles to grow and look good.

I used to believe that as well.

But that is outdated advice.

I’m working hard to teach people a better way.

I’m definitely getting a bit of resistance…

I expected this.

Because having a muscular, chiseled physique by spending only 2 days in the gym per week is a paradigm shift.

We have been programmed to believe we need more.

We don’t.

You need brief, intense workouts to ignite muscle growth signals.

Then, give your body time to recover.

To actually grow muscle.

Then use your deficit and daily steps to get lean.

I have it all outlined in Lazy Ripped.

And I have set up a killer offer for this groundbreaking program.

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When your Free T is optimal, and you are training this way?

You will make incredible progress.

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Important: One of the big reasons we are doing this is to blow people away with transformations. I already have countless transformations from people training 3 times per week.

I can’t wait to see these 2 day per week transformations in 3-4 months.

People are going to lose their minds!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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