Do 20-Year-Old Males Have HIGH Testosterone?

You would think that most 20 years olds would be fine when it came to testosterone levels.

If we were talking 70-80 years ago, you would be right.

In the 1940s, all young men had high testosterone.

At every age back then, T-levels were high.

Like more than double what guys have today.

Things have changed since then.

  • There are more chemicals and xenoestrogens in our environment.
  • Diets contained more processed foods.
  • We are getting fewer minerals in our produce, etc.

Low testosterone is a serious problem now.

At every stage of life it has become an issue.

Even for guys in their 20s.

Sometimes I’ll get comments that challenge this.

A lot of young guys are in the 400-500 total T level and sub 10 ng/dL of free T.

It SHOULD be higher…

In the 1940s, the average testosterone level for a man in his 20s was 740.

Yes, you can get by if your testosterone is 400.

Your doctor won’t even see this as an issue.

“400 is perfectly normal and average... Don’t be shy, once you’ve seen one average guy, you’ve seen them all.”

F*ck being average!

Especially when average levels are terrible now.

You don’t NEED higher T levels.

Just like you don’t need a better physique, beautiful girlfriend, awesome career, etc.

It simply makes life better.

With all that being said.

Most men have the brakes on their own testosterone production.

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F*ck being average.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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