300 Kino Warriors Are Doing This….

WOW!!! 300 Kino warriors flooded into Mojo Mastery overnight.

We are just getting started.

It’s only been live for a little over 12 hours.

And people are already posting cool things in the group.

Here’s what I mean.

A killer thread started by Wyatt…

Wyatt trains for boxing four times per week.

Runs 5-10 miles a week.

“My physique has completely changed. My arms and legs have gotten skinnier but more defined. However I have noticed my abs, shoulders, and back (specifically lats and traps) have gotten much more defined and even bigger.”

His goal is to add a touch more size to his arms and legs while staying in his weight class for boxing.

He wants to add muscle without slowing down.

We will help him do that.

He’s currently at 185 pounds and is fighting in the 189 lb weight class.

So he can add 4 pounds and still stay in the weight class.

We will help him strategically add muscle to his legs and arms.

*I actually have a new leg workout I’m testing and will share in Mojo Mastery 2.0 soon. Great for explosive strength and adding size to the quads close to the knee.

But what is awesome is that he already looks fantastic.

Like a more chiseled version of Jacob Elordi, that tall actor from Saltburn.

Women LOVE that guy.

F*ck… Maybe we don’t want to help him get even more handsome, lmao.

He got to this point using the Kinobody systems and Mojo Stack.

And he’s sharing his experiences.

When you are surrounded by others who transform, it becomes the standard.

Makes a big difference.

When your buddy goes from flabby with a round, pudgy face…

And transforms into looking like a legit movie star.

You are literally almost forced to step up.

Otherwise, you will look like a troll in comparison.

I’m telling you…

I’ve seen groups of friends all level up together over and over.

The “group dynamic” is a big reason why I am so excited about my new system.

Mojo Mastery is a no-brainer at $99 per month.

*It comes WITH the Mojo Stack, which is already a $75 per month value.

So, for just $15 more, you are getting everything needed for a total life upgrade.

I’ll be doing monthly calls.

We are going to cover dating, investing approaches, clothing and style tips, cars, obviously workouts and nutrition, etc.

This will be ALL-encompassing.

Once we reach a target member count, I’ll be increasing it to $249 per month.

But for now, it is just $99 per month.

Mojo Mastery 2.0

It’s absolutely worth it at the regular price.

For $99 this is a f*cking steal.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


The new training system is inside.

This is what I’ve been doing to pack on serious muscle.

Once you get access to Mojo Mastery 2.0, simply head over to The Mojo Tenets and click “5. Mojo Lifting Routine”.

Yes, I’m back on 3 days.

Watch the video.

Then, do the exact workout I outline below the video.

I’ll be doing it with you, and I’ll be talking about it more on the calls.

This summer is going to be epic!

Join me here…

Mojo Mastery 2.0