5 Signs You Have Low Testosterone

Having higher testosterone levels can also help improve overall well-being and quality of life as a man.

It not only helps with muscle mass, it makes you feel more like yourself.

There are clear-cut signs you have low testosterone.

1. Wake Up Without an Erection:

The first sign that your testosterone levels are lower.

You typically wake up without an erection.

That’s a bad sign.

When your t-levels are high, you wake up with an insane boner in the morning.

It is like Holy Shit!

2. You Don’t Have a High Sex Drive:

The second sign that your T level is probably lower is that you don’t have a high sex drive.

If you don’t think about sex a lot.

You don’t really masturbate much.

You don’t really care, and it’s not really a thing.

That’s not good. 

3. Working Out Feels Like Pulling Teeth:

For people that have very high testosterone, naturally… effort feels good.

You want to push yourself.

You want to train hard.

You’re more drawn to lifting heavy and you’re drawn to competitive sports.

4. Muscle Comes on Very Slowly:

If you have high levels of testosterone…

When you start to put on muscle, the muscle comes on easily.

And when you lean down, you actually maintain good muscular size. 

5. You Have a Pencil Neck:

I have another theory.

Guys that have thicker necks typically are gonna have higher free testosterone.

As a man, your upper chest shoulders traps have a high density of androgen receptors.

If you have higher testosterone, you’re not gonna have a thicker neck.

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