50% OFF Kino Baddie (Women’s Course)

My 32nd birthday was on Thursday.

I ran a 50% OFF sale for Greek God.

Didn’t want to leave the women on my list out.

So today, I’m offering 50% OFF Kino Baddie.

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This is the program that allows you to get that downright sleek, fit, toned, and sexy body.

The perfect amount of muscle while getting stronger.

It lasts 12 weeks.

It’s a 3-day per week program.

  • Monday: Lower body routine targeting your glutes and some bonus work on your core. 
  • Wednesday: Upper body routine aimed at building toned arms and shoulders.
  • Friday: Another hard-hitting lower body session, with new exercises to maximize your lower body muscle growth.

I go deep into diet strategies as well.

How to make sticking to your diet easy so you won’t experience rebound weight gain.

I make it easy to lose body fat and get lean.

This is the program that builds the body of your dreams.

Just the right amount of muscle.

Lean and strong while still looking incredibly sexy and feminine.

Kino Baddie (50% OFF Sale)

*Use Coupon Code: sleek50

This sale ends tonight.

Do grab this ASAP.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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