Accusing Me of Stealing Transformations?

This is hilarious.

We get so many Kinobody transformations that they are all over the internet now…

But people are using them to sell their supplements, etc.

Typically they use these photos in those fake advertorial blogs that sell supplements that don’t work.

They can’t get testimonials.

So they steal one of Kinobody’s.

Check this out…

This is funny.

I did a quick Google search, and it looks like this is a Leptin management product.

So it’s just a weight loss product.

It’s obvious that his transformation isn’t just about weight loss alone.

He added a dense chiseled muscle as well.

I responded to this woman accusing me of stealing this before and after.

I sent her an FB message I had with Brian (guy in the picture).

I’m not mad at the woman who pointed it out.

Honest mistake.

She didn’t steal this transformation and just saw it on a few sites and didn’t know it was mine.

She DID come in a little hot.

So my message to her?

“Is there no one else? IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?!!!”

No one else has the transformations that we have with Kinobody.

Literally no one.

As you can see in Brian’s testimonial…

As soon as he followed my program exactly as laid out, he got killer results.

He lost 37 pounds in 100 days.

If you want similar results?

We can absolutely help you transform your body in the next 6 months.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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