An Epic Kino Christmas Gift

I have been thinking about ways I can give back.

To reach and help more people.

An idea of an epic Christmas Gift came to me about 2 months ago.

You are going to LOVE it.

I’ll explain what it is in a sec.

But first, here’s why I’m doing this…

Kinobody has operated as a business under these principles:

  • Get people incredible results for FREE
  • Better than paid courses
  • Improve the lives of many
  • And some will become loyal customers

I like running my business this way because it feels good to me.

You see, I’m not a good salesperson.

I’m NOT the sort of person who would hop on the phone and “hard close” someone.

Running that sort of biz would stress me out.

I just like sharing my best fitness content.

And having fun while improving lives.

Then, provide premium courses and supplements for those who want to take their physiques to the next level.

It’s a true win-win situation.

So on Christmas, I’m going to going to turn up the heat on this approach.

I’m taking my original Warrior Shred Program.

Updating it with current info.

Giving away the updated version of Warrior Shred for FREE on Christmas morning.

You have to understand that this program, at one time, was one of the best-selling fitness programs in the world.

Over 200,000 programs sold and $10 million in sales.

The transformations that came out of it were f*ckn unreal.

But I’ve learned some things since I wrote it.

I’ve decided to fine-tune it with everything I’ve learned from 25 to 32 years old to get even better and faster results.

The goal is to go from “soft to chiseled in 8 weeks”.

And this is just part of the gift.

I’m currently writing an 8-week email series.

The first 7-8 days will reinforce and expand on the ideas in the course.

Then for the remaining 7 weeks, I’m going to discuss some next-level concepts.

I will email just 2 times per week.

And these will be POWERFUL concepts and frameworks.

Things like mindset, dating, how to be more successful, etc.

I’ll still mix fitness stuff in there.

But I want to help guys make a mental shift, too.

Over the past 4-5 years especially, I’ve learned some life-changing habits and ways of thinking.

As men, we are sometimes our own worst enemy.

If I can help you get your mind right?

EVERYTHING else will fall into place for you.

  • It will be effortless to stick to your diet
  • You will naturally want to read more
  • Getting shredded won’t be a struggle
  • You will become more successful financially
  • Will be able to attract the woman of your dreams
  • Will command more respect
  • Will be more present

This all starts in the mind.

I know that this type of thing won’t happen overnight.

But my plan is to plant the seeds of success over the course of 8 weeks in these emails.

The foundation of becoming a 1% man.

Send you in the right direction.

Internalize these concepts and see how f*ckn awesome your life becomes in 2024.

I plan on helping you go from “soft to hard” physically and mentally.

So let’s do this!

Look for the “Kino Christmas Gift” email on Christmas morning.

This will likely become a paid program sometime in 2024.

So snag it on the 25th.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

I’ve helped clients increase T levels naturally by as much as 300+ points following a simple protocol and I am now sharing this in a FREE report “10 Steps to Higher Testosterone”

*You will also get FREE access to the daily Kinobody Newsletter – My best tips for getting a chiseled Movie Star physique. In the past, this has only been available to buyers of my supplements and premium courses.