Another Rant on Vaping :)

If you have been following me for any period of time, you know I can’t stand vaping.

It’s bad enough that guys do it.

What has surprised me is how many girls vape.

I went to a nightclub earlier this year, and most of the tables were filled with girls who were vaping non-stop in between sipping on cocktails.

I know it’s tempting since it helps curb appetite.

But it’s low value.

There are chemicals in vaping that can lead to severe lung disease.

Harms your heart as well.

The damage it does to your blood vessels is BAD.

It was once thought that it was the nicotine alone that caused restricted blood flow.

But there’s NEW research[1] that any smoke or vapors in vaping causes damage.

“We were surprised to find that there was not a single component that you could remove to stop the damaging effect of smoke or vapors on the blood vessels. As long as there’s an irritant in the airway, blood vessel function may be impaired.”

This increases your chances of a heart attack or stroke.

Also, it can give you ED.

If that isn’t bad enough?

It can make your penis smaller.

I honestly think this is why I see fewer guys vaping than women.

If you want a guy to change his behavior…

Let him know it will give him a tiny limp penis.

Do you want a thin flappy penis?

Cause Vaping is how you get a thin flappy penis!

If you want a healthier circulator system, you want to do the opposite of restricting blood flow.

You want to increase blood flow.

Increasing Nitric Oxide is the way to do this.

I have a supplement designed specifically for this.

Kino Nitro (Enhanced Circulation Formula)

Nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator.

It relaxes the blood vessels, allowing them to widen and increase blood flow.

It makes for a healthier circulation system.

Less likely to get a stroke, heart attack, etc.

And instead of having a small limp noodle in the bedroom?

You will have a glorious steel rod.

Kino Nitro

Pick this up to improve your blood flow and vascular health.

Good for harder erections as well.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


Vaping shrinks your nads too!

I have to share this with you as well...

Look at that comment, LMFAO.

Maintain excellent blood flow and keep your manhood large and working optimally.

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