Details About Applying for My “Inner Circle”

I’m traveling to London soon to meet one of my mentors

I’ve never been.

But I love big populated cities.

And London, at almost 10 million people, is one of the biggest (Toronto has 6 million).

I can’t wait.

I always associate James Bond with London.

Going to easily get my steps in, exploring the city each day.

I mentioned in an email yesterday to be choosy about who you surround yourself with.

I’m going to hang out with a mentor.

This guy has experienced an insane amount of success in business… but more than that, he’s incredibly intelligent and thinks differently.

When I chat with him on the phone or text.

I always wind up leveling up my thinking a bit.

Meeting him in person is going to be incredible.

My inner circle is my chance to make an impact on others in a similar way.

The people we bring in are also success-minded people.

We basically all level up simply by spending time together in one place.

Here are the details.

  • A 6-month program
  • Two 3-Day live events with dinners, workouts, and mastermind sessions
  • Weekly inner circle calls with me as well
  • Access to my private Slack group

I keep the group small, so I can give each person the attention and advice needed to ensure massive success.

It has worked extremely well.

Here’s who I can help.

Guys who are already somewhat successful in life but want to drastically level up their relationships, social life, and business.

I’m looking to build a tight-knit group.

If your business or life is at a plateau and you want to unlock your full potential?

Fill out a few questions on this form:

Greg’s Private Inner Circle & Mastermind

After you fill this out…

We will be in contact to see if it is a mutual fit.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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