Are You Wearing Polyester Underwear?

You should check your underwear.

Is it cotton or is it polyester?

Because there’s some research that came out showing that polyester underwear is so powerful, it could actually be a contraceptive.

Meaning it shuts down your sperm production.

And so we’re seeing across the board, sperm counts are down 50%.

One of the biggest culprits is your underwear.

So you actually want to get loose-fitting cotton underwear.

I posted a video about this recently on Instagram

These responses, lmao.

But seriously…

You want to avoid any polyester, or any rayon because they actually have microplastics and phthalates and endocrine disruptors that mess you up.

So having that on your skin and on your Kino Package all day long is freaking pish posh.

Keep it cotton.

Keep it natural fibers.

Also, it helps to sleep naked in cotton sheets.

Follow these tips…

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