Biggest Mistake for Guys Taking Mojo

Look, here’s the deal.

Mojo is awesome.

It increases free testosterone.

You put on more muscle.

You look better and have more energy.

And you have a crazy sex drive.

But a lot of guys are messing up because when their sex drive goes up, they just jerk off more.

They watch more porn, and they are diminishing this power.

A high sex drive is a SUPERPOWER.

Sex drive and ambition are linked.

So you can channel that sex drive.

It will push you to go out and meet that beautiful woman.

If you spend your time jerking off.

You aren’t going out and meeting girls.

A better idea is to be disciplined enough to not jerk off.

  • This will give you the drive to be the master of your life.
  • To accomplish your goals.
  • To approach that beautiful woman you see.

Doing it a couple times a week is fine.

But if you’re doing it every day.

Or twice a day.

You’re making a HUGE mistake.

I’ve done that before where I have just gotten a bit carried away.

Now I’m like f*ck…

When you take the Mojo and don’t give in?

You meet more women.

You have more energy.

You are getting more stuff done.

It’s really powerful.

It reminds me of the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights.

The plot is that the main character decides to go 40 days and 40 nights without sex.

He winds up picking up new hobbies.

Expands his world.

Accomplishes more, etc.

Women are trying to jump his bones like crazy, now he’s not chasing it.

He has more drive.

This attracts more women into his life.

Then, he meets this incredibly sweet girl, Erica.

I find this girl stunning.

Definitely add this movie to your watch list if you haven’t seen it.

Most men are killing their chance to meet their dream girl cuz they are addicted to porn and video games.

And you don’t have to go without sex, but masturbating too much is the thing to avoid.

It’s very liberating to do this.

I’ve made the mistake of doing it twice a day.

For example, in my “Who Else?” video, I was pumped up on Mojo and hadn’t played hanky panky in a few days.

I was on fire, lmao.

Who else?!!!!

I skipped the hanky panky for several days.

Looking back on this, I connected the dots.

I was on fire, pumped up and present, due to channeling my sexual energy.

Don’t waste this energy.

You WILL experience a spike in sexual desire when you take Mojo.

Use this to have better workouts.

Conquer your goals.

Get out and meet women.


If you are meeting and having sleepovers with women, make sure to add Nitro into the mix.

Get the Mojo Stack (Mojo + Nitro)

Mojo will make you want to go multiple rounds.

Nitro will turn your soldier into a battering ram and help you unlock that extra 10% from more blood flow.

So cut back on playing hanky panky with yourself each day.

Take Mojo + Nitro.

Hot and bothered women in your area are counting on you.

Don’t let them down!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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