Boosts Muscle AND Brain Power

Creatine is well-known for its ability to help your muscles produce energy.

It’s also great for your brain.

A recent study published this past February shows that a single dose of creatine can improve cognitive performance.

Particularly under conditions of sleep deprivation.

In the study, participants were kept awake until 4 AM on two separate occasions.

  • Once while taking a placebo
  • Once while taking a large scoop of creatine (0.35 g/kg, which is around 20-30 g for most people).

Researchers then assessed their fatigue levels and cognitive performance across various tests involving language, logic, memory, and math.

Staying up late made the participants feel tired with or without creatine.

However, those who took creatine experienced less fatigue.

Even more impressive was this…

While sleep deprivation significantly impaired cognitive performance in the placebo group, the creatine group showed notable improvements.

Despite the lack of sleep, many aspects of their mental functioning actually improved after taking creatine.

This isn’t the first study to highlight creatine’s brain-boosting effects.

But the results are some of the most positive yet.

This shows creatine can give our brains a boost when we need it most.

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Greg O’Gallagher


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