“Bro… you are building 0 muscle”

The other day on Instagram, I posted one of my favorite shoulder exercises.

The cross-body incline lateral raise.

This one stretches the side delt at the bottom of the movement.

When you do this.

You stretch the fascia.

The tissue surrounding your muscles.

And when the fascia is stretched a bit under load, and the muscle is pumped, it allows for additional muscle growth.

Increases shoulder width.

Most people enjoyed the tip.

But one “bodybuilder gym bro” responded with this.

A couple of things about this.

I’m a natural lifter and hit the upper end of my BMI quickly.

I’m at a 25 BMI.

I am able to get to 26, but don’t like the look as well.

Anything 27+ and being very lean 7-8% is indicative of steroids.

Even if I could gain that much muscle naturally?

I wouldn’t do it.

Women are most attracted to men with a 24-26 BMI.

A 24 BMI is a lean “GQ” look, roughly about the size of male model David Gandy.


Even if David Gandy could add 40 pounds of muscle and look like a WWE wrestler, do you think he would be more attractive to women?

Of course not!

That gym bro who commented on my photo doesn’t get it.

In Movie Star Masterclass, I teach guys how to quickly hit the 24-26 BMI level while getting shredded.

The only negative is this…

You will get close to your genetic potential quickly.

You aren’t going to see drastic changes after this.

I don’t view this as a bad thing!

There’s more to life than living in the gym.

With Masterclass we can solve the fitness thing for you quickly.

Get you to a lean 24-26 BMI…

Then you can move on and grow your business, improve your relationships, travel more, etc.

Once you reach this point, training is all about adding details to your physique.

A little more volume to delts.

Better biceps peak.

More upper and inner chest development.

Let other guys idolize the drugged-up bodybuilders.

Most people think these physiques look ridiculous.

Have you ever seen a bodybuilder in a suit or sports coat?

It’s so f*ckn awkward looking.

Heck, I don’t even like the way I look at 26 BMI!

I feel and look my best at a BMI of 25.

Right in the 175-176 range.

The guy who thinks I need to gain more muscle doesn’t get it.

He also gave me this advice.

I see guys make this mistake all the time!

If you lean and are in the 24-26 BMI range, do NOT do what he is recommending here.

You can eat and lift a bunch more and it feels like you are gaining muscle.

Here’s the problem.

You will put on 10-15 pounds in 3-6 months but will lose muscle definition.

Then it will take 3-6 months to get lean again.

After doing this, a lot of the time, you will wind up where you started.

Never bulk up like this.

I recommend a “Lean Bulk” instead.

This is covered in detail in my flagship program.

Movie Star Masterclass

Let the basic gym bros chase muscle by getting pudgy.

You don’t need to fall into that trap!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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