Building Your Chest

My goal is to add a bit more fullness to my chest.

Traditionally, in my Kinobody programs, the focus was always on building big shoulders.

I came from doing tons of chest work, tons of chest flyes, and a lot of chest volume.

My shoulders didn’t keep up my chest at one point.

So then, my training was really designed to pop the shoulders.

Now I’m gonna bring a little bit more chest fly and just get a bit more chest activation to really fill up the chest.

I’ve been traveling so much that I’ll do this on two workouts a week.

I recently filmed a training VLOG in Miami.

In this VLOG, I explain my approach to building the chest.

I met up with a Kino Warrior named Brady Ervin.

Brady is a model and actor and used to be a semi-pro football player.

F*cking strong too…

So we pushed each other.

Make sure and watch this, especially the chest training tips.

There’s a tip in there about practically bulletproofing your shoulders against injury.

It’s why I don’t stress about it, even with lifting heavy weights.

Full Movie Star Workout in Miami with a Kino Warrior

If you enjoy this video, make sure and let me know in the comments on Youtube.

If people are finding these types of videos helpful?

I’ll make more of them.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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