Building Your Physique Naturally

I knew from a young age I’d never do steroids.

Even when I was like 17-18 years old…

I wanted to have the pride of someone telling me, “Holy shit, you built an amazing physique!”

I wanted to have the pride in knowing I did that naturally.

If someone said, “Oh, dude, you look incredible”

But then you’re on steroids?

That whole accomplishment goes out the window.

I made a short clip of this and posted it on Instagram.

If you build your body naturally, it is such an amazing feeling.

When I posted this video…

I expected the “you’re not natural” comments.

Got several of those.

But my BMI is well within the natural range.

And no matter how often I get tests done, I’ll always have doubters.

Nothing I can do about that.

All I can do is challenge my peers to get blood work done.

My Octane-fueled β€œIs There No One Else?” video intimidated my competitors.

  • They won’t get blood work done.
  • They aren’t up for the challenge.
  • That is why no one will remember their name.

I’m actually surprised by how easily they folded.

Shame, shame, shame…

A complete dishonor to their bloodline!

I did get a comment I wanted to answer in a bit more detail.

Justin was asking if taking Mojo is natural.

When you take Kino Mojo, you are getting nutrients that encourage your body to produce testosterone.

Your body is producing its own testosterone.

Steroids are basically a synthetic version of testosterone that you are taking directly.

A big difference between the two.

Steroids also have a lot of bad side effects.

Acne, hair loss, liver damage, risk of prostate cancer, etc.

One odd side effect of steroids is gynecomastia.

Breast tissue can form because steroids can also increase estrogen.

Nothing wrong with boobs.

I just don’t think most guys want to develop breast tissue.

If losing your hair and getting fitted for a bra doesn’t sound appealing?

Don’t mess around with steroids.

I REALLY don’t think most guys want man boobs.

One of the key ingredients we added to Kino Mojo is Boron.

Boron can reduce estrogen levels and increase free testosterone levels by blocking the effects of estrogen.

It’s super hard to get Boron from food.

This ingredient alone makes it easier to get lean by blocking the estrogenic compounds we are exposed to each day.

These xenoestrogens are why modern men are getting fat patterns like this…

Men in the past never had to deal with this issue.

Kino Mojo gets testosterone where it should be.

It makes a world of difference for guys when it comes to increasing both free and total T.

It is good on its own…

But most guys are getting out bundle deal that comes with Nitro.

The Mojo Stack (Kino + Nitro)

This has become a best-seller.

The Nitro will increase blood flow for better workouts and bedroom performance.

Also great for skin health.

Grab this stack, and you will absolutely be thrilled with what happens when your T levels rise.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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