Causes Weaker Pumps (in the Bedroom)

Okay, another vaping rant!

Fellas, all that vaping could be shrinking your dong.

Let me explain…

Vaping impairs blood flow day after day.

And poor circulation equals weaker pumps…

Both in the gym and the bedroom.

Over time, impaired blood flow causes your unit to atrophy.

It gets softer and smaller.

Not cool!

But we can fight back.

The key is enhancing blood flow consistently (the EXACT opposite of what vaping does).

I’m talking about powerful, robust circulation.

See, poor blood flow shrinks your dong.

But increase flow, and the opposite happens – you overfill the area.

Over time, there is evidence that the enlarged capacity can become the new normal.

A larger unit.

This is another reason you need Kino Nitro in your life.

MAXIMUM dong-age!

Kino Nitro improves circulation.

It helps with erection strength and size.

Makes sense…

More blood flow, the bigger the pump.

Kino Nitro cranks up nitric oxide to relax blood vessels.

Glorious dong size.

So ditch the vape and up your intake of circulation-boosting nutrients.

Your dong will thank you.

Your girl will thank you.

She will express gratitude for your strong sex drive and stamina.

“I’m extremely grateful for Kino Nitro. All my girlfriends are jealous of how often I get drilled, and I think that is a beautiful thing. Namaste to his mighty dong.”

Nitro has definitely benefitted me.

I like to think of myself as an actor that has “a lot of range”.

When my blood flow is good?

Holy shit!

When my blood flow is bad?

Like if maybe I drank too much.

It’s not very impressive.

The “level of range” I can work within is mind-blowing.

Do yourself a favor.

Work in your max range every time you have sex.

Daft Punk described it perfectly in this song…

Maybe not faster, LMAO.

But you get the idea.

Kino Nitro ensures you are at your best every time.

This not only helps you in the bedroom.

It helps you when you are out on a date or meeting up with a woman.

This gives you a strong sense of confidence.

Because you know when you hit the bedroom…

You are going to be at your best.

You literally project “Big Dick Energy”.

Try it out for yourself.

Kino Nitro

You will see exactly what I mean.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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