Cool Fashion in Barcelona…

Okay, I’m sold on Barcelona.

A huge entrepreneurial community.

Incredible food.

Awesome historic architecture.

And you simply can’t beat the weather.

It never gets unbearably hot in the summer, and super comfortable temps in the evening.

I like Miami weather, but it is pretty humid at times.

I prefer this weather.

It’s pretty much perfect.

If you are traveling to Barcelona, it’s really easy to pack clothing for the trip as well.

I recommend bringing light-colored linen pants for the day.

Something like this.

Then for night, you would just want a darker pair of pants.

Think chocolate brown, charcoal, navy, or olive.

You would want a pair of casual earth-toned shorts and maybe one funkier pair of shorts with a pattern.

Also, 2-3 pairs of swim trunks.

This would cover you for pants and shorts (I’d skip packing jeans because they take up too much space).

For tops, you just want clean and classic, with a bit of fashion-forward stuff mixed in.

This is exactly what the Kino Clothing Summer Lineup is all about.

It was inspired by classic retro boating/yachting clothing common in the French Riviera in the 60s.

Think old James Bond movies.

We couldn’t find this type of French terry shirt available.

So we created this last summer.

We call this the “Yacht Shirt.”

When we launched these last summer, it was a quick sellout.

Sold out of almost all sizes of our Kino Swim Shorts and the short and long sleeve Yacht Shirts.

They are just too clean and stylin’.

I think maybe we have XL sizes in a few styles.

We are restocking all the sizes of these as well as the core shirts.

Also, our best-selling short sleeve henleys will FINALLY be back.

We aren’t restocked yet.

***Everything goes live tomorrow (Thursday).***

I’ll send an email tomorrow once everything is ready to go.

Our clothing items are built to last.

They are also made to work with a muscular, lean physique.

I highly recommend adding 2-3 core pieces to your wardrobe.

You will be a fan of the fit.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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