Does Size Matter?

I just saw a viral video on TikTok by a woman named Cera Gibson.

She starts off holding a tape measure…

Then says…

“I don’t think you know how big 12 inches is”.

Talking about penis size, obviously.

Here’s her breakdown.

  • 5 inches “completely fine”
  • 6 inches “fabulous”
  • 7 inches “almost too big”
  • 8 inches “definitely too big”
  • 9 inches “sick day”
  • 10 inches “ER”
  • 11 inches “joining the 27 club”
  • 12 inches “skipping my next life”

Here’s the thing…

Most women’s vagina when they are aroused, expand to 4-5 inches.

A woman who is 4 inches in depth is going to have a hard time if her partner is 8-9 inches in length.

There are outliers.

Some guys are packing 10+ inches.

Supposedly some women are 10+ inches deep when aroused.

Would be hilarious if there was a way for these people to find each other.

Just got a billion dollar business idea!

Have to think of a good name.

Possibly, “Plenty of Inches” or maybe “OKCanyons”.

You would get matches based on this.

*Francesca really craves DEEP conversations and thinks most guys are obsessed with surface-level traits and are too shallow, LMAO.

Pretty brilliant business idea, actually!

Girls and guys who are packing serious inches can hook up with each other.

So why am I discussing size in the first place?

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Greg O’Gallagher