Dramatically Accelerate Your Strength Gains… With Belief

I do a lot of observing when I’m in a commercial gym.

One thing I notice a lot?

It seems like guys go through the motions when lifting a weight.

  • Too many watered-sets.
  • Too much junk volume.
  • Too much pish-posh.

Each work set requires complete focus.

Because the goal is to get stronger week after week.

You obviously need to follow a good program to accomplish this, but there’s one more thing that can help dramatically.

Actually, believing you are going to get stronger.

*I am able to systematically gain strength because I fully believe and expect to get stronger each workout.

Don’t underestimate the power of the mind.

There are actually studies showing guys gaining strength at unreal rates because they “believed” they were using steroids…

Even when they weren’t.

I’ll cover two studies.

Study 1. The Placebo Steroid Experiment

In 1972, a study was done on 15 male lifters following a strength training plan.

The study lasted 11 weeks.

The first 7 weeks were a contest between the 15 male lifters.

They were told those who made the most improvements would be rewarded with Dianabol (a steroid) for the final 4 weeks.

The scientists randomly selected 6 people as winners.

But these 6 guys got placebo pills instead of real steroids.

The results were crazy.

In the first 7 weeks, they gained an average of 5.8 pounds to their squat.

But once they believed they were on steroids for 4 weeks they added an average of 41.8 pounds to their squat.

That is 7X the strength gains in just a little over half the time!

They had similar strength increases in all other lifts.

Here’s another one…

Study 2. National-Level Powerlifters and Placebo Experiment

In the year 2000, a study involved 11 national-level powerlifters.

They gave them saccharine pills, claiming they were fast-acting steroids.

The result?

New personal records, with lifts increasing by 4-5% on average (probably 50-100 pound gains in strength).

For the final two weeks, they kept taking the placebos.

During this final two-week period, 5 were told the truth, while the remaining 6 still believed they were on steroids.

Those who knew the truth lost their gains.

Meanwhile, the 6 who continued believing they were taking steroids kept smashing PRs.

These studies show the insane power of belief and focus.

So, how do you use this info?

It starts with believing in yourself.

Convince yourself that you can set new PRs and break your limits.

Visualize success and keep a strong, confident mindset… and lift with aggression.

One thing that helps with confidence and aggression is your free T levels.

Kino Mojo makes a big difference here.

You will also want the maximum ATP available in your muscles because that is the energy system used to lift heavy weights.

Creatine helps the body produce more ATP.

So, you will be able to tap into the full power of your muscles when going for PRs.

Kino Gains (Creatine HCL + Betaine)

When your mind is right.

Your testosterone levels are high.

And your ATP and creatine levels are topped off?

You will be able to hit PRs on a regular basis and make progress each and every week.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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