“Drop the Ego Lifting”

I had an excellent workout in a gym in Barcelona the other day.

I posted a set of incline dumbbell presses on Instagram.

Did a set of 12 with 110-pound dumbbells (50 kg).

It felt great!

There were several people who critiqued my form.

I’m taking a quick break in Barcelona and cranking the AC for a bit.

So I figured I’d zip out an email about this.

The most common advice/critique I got was that I wasn’t going low enough and that my elbows were flared.

Here’s an example.

There are several ways to perform the incline dumbbell press in a way that targets the upper pecs.

The variation I’m using here is.

  • Flared elbows
  • Only go until elbows are roughly 90 degrees

I find that I get a much harder contraction of the upper chest when I use this variation.

With flared elbows, it really isolates the upper pecs.

This has given me solid upper chest development.

But when you use flared elbows, you are risking injury if you go really deep into the stretch at the bottom.

Which is why I’m stopping at 90 degrees.

If you want to do deep reps?

You will definitely need to tuck those elbows in a bit.

I actually can use heavier weights when I tuck the elbows and go all the way to the bottom.

By going to the bottom, it makes it easier to use the “stretch-shortening cycle” to push those weights to the top.

The problem is that elbows tucked in variation hits more of my front delts and mid-chest.

With elbows flared?

It really causes hard contractions right near the collarbone.

From the very beginning, I wanted a flat “plate-of-armor” masculine chest with even development from top to bottom.

I achieved it early on.

I’m not faulting those guys for criticizing my form.

It’s just extremely apparent to me that they don’t know as much as they think they do.

No shame.

We all start somewhere. 😉

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Greg O’Gallagher