Elon Musk Commented on One of My Twitter Pics

This is kind of funny.

I posted a picture on Twitter a couple of days ago.

Elon Musk commented on it last night, and now my Tweet has had 875,000 views!

Thanks, Elon.

I had to respond.

I issued Elon a challenge.

Let me coach you, and if you don’t get lean and strong?

I’ll get a Tesla tattoo on my ass.

I do realize that the guy who commented on this picture insinuated that I took steroids.

This is nothing new.

  • But I am one of the rare guys in fitness who shows his blood work on a regular basis.
  • I’ve lifted seriously for 10+ years.
  • My BMI is well within the normal range (I don’t have an unnatural amount of muscle for my height).

I have an upcoming webinar where I explain how to achieve this level of development naturally.

If you follow the approach I outline?

People will likely accuse you of using steroids as well.

Mainly because less than 1% of the population knows how to get shredded.

I’m going to talk about all this stuff in a public webinar this Thursday.

I haven’t done a public webinar in several years.

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Maybe Elon will be secretly watching 😉

Come on, Elon!

Do you even have a 6 pack?

Here are the details:

Thursday, Feb 23 @ 6pm EST

Click here to Register

The info I’m sharing is gold.

One of the things I’m sharing is a minimalist routine that will make your shoulders f*ckn pop.

My specialty is shoulders.

Makes a HUGE difference in your appearance.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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