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Here’s some of the stuff I cover:

  • How to find the calorie “sweet spot”… nail the PERFECT calorie count for fat loss or muscle gain without hurting testosterone levels.
  • Tap into the power of sprinting to increase hormone levels and achieve a shredded, chiseled physique – Here’s how often you should do it (along with my exact sprinting routine).
  • How you can significantly improve your total and free T by dropping bad habits like excess weed, alcohol and a lazy lifestyle.
  • Reduce stress through meditation, journaling and use my go-to “box breathing technique” to lower your cortisol levels. This not only helps increase testosterone output… it will make it easier to get lean.
  • The IDEAL ratio of protein, fats, and carbs for optimal hormonal output and testosterone production. Hint: most people get this wrong!
  • Environment “land mines” like synthetic underwear could be negatively affecting your hormones. I’ll tell you what things to avoid at all costs to ensure high T levels.
  • Techniques like RPT, progressive overload, and rest-pause will maximize your results and ensure optimal testosterone levels… Here’s how to combine these techniques to amplify your results.
  • The minerals and herbs have proven to raise total and free T the most while lowering estrogen levels.
  • Transform your body with Mojo Mastery Lifting Program – Achieve a movie star-like physique while boosting athleticism and testosterone production with this proven 3 day per week workout.

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