High Energy Levels = An Advantage in Life

The most successful people in the world have an advantage.

It’s their energy levels.

Having more energy literally means you have more power to go out and crush your goals.

Financial goals.

Social goals.

Successful people have a surplus of energy.

This gives them a competitive advantage.

Because everything else being equal, more energy equals more output, more accomplishments, and better results in life.

Another way to describe this is “Vitality”.

Vitality is how full of life you are.

It goes beyond energy.

You are energetic but also healthy.

Incredible immune system and strong testosterone and hormonal output.

A perfect example of a guy with high vitality is Ryan Reynolds.

He’s full of energy, healthy, and crushing it in all areas of life.

If you have ever seen him interviewed…

He projects energy.

Full of vitality.

One of the keys to vitality is blood flow.

This is one of the things you will notice when you take Kino Nitro.

I absolutely have insane energy now.

I attribute this is increased blood flow and increased T levels.

I literally can’t sit still now.

With amazing blood flow, you have a top-tier immune system.

You have amazing energy.

You don’t get sick and feel like a machine.

What I find too is that this energy “builds on itself.”

  • You are able to achieve more in life
  • These achievements are motivating
  • You get energized from this
  • Which causes you to push even harder, etc.
  • And this cycle continues

Again, high energy levels are a massive advantage in life.

We have limited time, yet there are so many things to do.

So many places to explore.

This is one reason I don’t want to spend 5-6 days per week in a gym.

I love training just 2 days per week most of the time.

I’m never tired from my workout.

It energizes me.

Plus I’m not living in the gym.

I’m out exploring the world meeting cool people, beautiful women, etc.

It’s such an empowering thing to be able to stay in top condition with such a small time commitment.

I want you to experience the same thing.

I know that Kino Mojo and Kino Nitro will absolutely improve your vitality.

But these supplements will work even better with my 2-day per week program.

This is what my Lazy Ripped offer is all about.

  • Grab 2 months of Mojo + Nitro
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My 2 Day per week system isn’t just about looking incredible.

You WILL get in the best shape of your life if you follow it.

But I’m focusing on a much bigger picture.

Go to the gym – hit PRs – and get a calorie deficit from diet and walking.

Increase your vitality.

Then go out into the world and f*ckn crush it.

Financially, socially, etc.

Join me here…

Lazy Ripped Special Offer

Don’t make the mistake of doing a 5-6 day “bro split”… those workouts are pish-posh, will increase your appetite, and make it close to impossible to get lean.

They produce chubby beta boys who can’t attract women.

So much time wasted for such terrible returns.

A f*ckn tragedy.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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