ER Doctor Sent Me His Blood Work. Amazing!

There’s a Kinobody customer who recently sent me his blood work.

His name is Byron.

He’s a sharp ER Doc who lives in Palm Beach County.

I haven’t explored this part of Florida as much as Miami.

But coming from Canada…

Palm trees always lift my spirits.

So he sent me his blood work.

Get this, he took Kino Mojo.

After just 60-days…

His Free T increased by 60%.

“See attached.  The lab reports are from two different companies.

The first report (pre-mojo, late august 2022) has a bunch of other lab results in it — but if you go to page 3, you’ll see my T levels pre-mojo. (total 666 ng/dL, Free T 10?!)

I then got my first bottle of Mojo shipped to me September 23, 2022 and have been taking it ever since.

The second report shows my levels from a blood draw on November 2, 2022 on page 2. As you can see, my Total T level went to 768 ng/dL and free T to 166 ng/dL.”

Here’s the report.

*His Free T went from 10 ng/dl (which is 100pg/ml) to 166 pg/ml (16 ng/dl) …a 60% increase.

Kino Mojo flat-out works!

The testimonials and lab results keep flooding in.

Mojo works especially well on increasing your Free T.

This is your usable testosterone, and it makes an unbelievable impact on your life.

You’ll gain muscle, lose fat, become focused, more masculine, etc.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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