Few More Kino App Details

The Kino App is close to getting released.

We launch it in January.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am.

  • Tracks your daily steps
  • Input set & reps for the Kino programs you’re doing
  • Exercise demonstration videos
  • Calculate macros for your goals
  • A place for physique photos
  • Progress charts
  • Recommended foods
  • And much more

Having all of this in one app is a game-changer.

It is like having an accountability partner built into your phone.

Simply click on the app before you begin your workout.

Fill out the weight you are using and reps, etc.

It will show you the weight lifted the last time you did this same exercise and the number of reps to shoot for, etc.

Tracking your progress is crucial for maximum gains.

You’ll see how many steps you are getting each day.

All of this makes a huge difference…

And it launches in January.

It will be $119 for 6-month access.

But if you grab the Kinobody Complete Transformation Package, you will get 6-month access for FREE (and you will get early access).

You’ll get it in mid-December instead of waiting until January.

Here’s what you get in this Complete Transformation Package.

  • Greek God 2.0 – $197
  • Superhero 2.0 – $97
  • Movie Star Masterclass – $297
  • Movie Star Bodyweight – $97
  • Lazy Ripped – $97
  • 6 Month Kino App Beta Access – $119

The programs are worth $785, and the App is $119.

You are getting over $900 in value for ONLY $197.

Kinobody Complete Transformation Package (Just $197)

This is the best deal I’ve ever offered.

It ends as soon as we sell 500.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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