Gaining Muscle While Losing Fat

It’s exciting when body recomp happens.

Typically, the only people to gain a bunch of muscle while simultaneously getting lean are “skinny fay” guys.

But I’ve even seen skinny fat guys get stuck.

My first thought is that they aren’t lifting with enough intensity.

Or that their T levels are out of whack.

Mojo can help a ton.

But there are other steps to take.

I just finished writing an article on fat loss, testosterone production, and how they are tied to gut health.

Probiotics: The Missing Link to Improved Mood, Greater Health and Hormonal Optimization

I’ve learned a ton about gut health this past year.

I had to.

It was important that I got the right strains in our probiotic formula.

I believe I’ve come up with the ideal formulation for guys looking the get shredded.

Kinobody Probiotics

One of the strains we used is considered by some as “The Ultimate Probiotic for Testosterone.”

Exciting preliminary findings with this strain.

I also talk about really impressive weight loss findings.

  • Probiotics help you drop fat faster when you’re in a calorie deficit.
  • Probiotics reduce the chances of any food you consume getting stored as body fat.
  • They help you gain weight at a slower rate when you go over in calories.
  • Probiotics have also been shown to lower BMI.

I discuss this and a lot more in my article.

Probiotics: The Missing Link


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