“Garbage Volume” in Your Workouts?

Garbage volume refers to doing extra sets and reps that don’t add to muscle growth.

This extra work impairs recovery.

All you need is a couple of intense sets to stimulate muscle growth.

Then leave the gym!

I remember making this mistake.

Doing extra sets of curls and not even being able to get strong contractions.

Or using 4 exercises to work the chest.

Thought you had to “hit it from all angles.”

*These extra sets did NOTHING for me. All they did was increase my appetite and leave me with a slightly muscular chubby body.

You need quality sets.

Where you push heavier weights week-after-week.

As soon as you do this for a couple of sets, the signal to your muscle has been sent.

When you pile on extra volume, it becomes a negative.

Here’s where people get fooled.

This is an important point…

High-volume workouts increase inflammation, and there is a bit of swelling in the muscle a day or two after the workout (this isn’t true muscle growth).

So it’s easy to be fooled by garbage volume.

People get fooled into thinking these high-volume workouts are more effective than they actually are.

Steroid-users are able to benefit from high-volume training.

These drugs help with recovery.

Natural lifting is different.

Brief, intense lifting makes better sense.

Because high volume is just going to lead to excess inflammation and cortisol.

Cortisol contributes to belly fat.

If you have a tough time getting lean or have reached a sticking point?

It’s likely you have too much garbage volume in your workouts.

I’m telling you…

Lazy Ripped is a Superior Approach

If you are coming from a high-volume workout, it may not seem like enough.

Let me help you hit PRs in all your lifts.

Gain strength at a rate you didn’t think was possible.

Try Lazy Ripped

This low-volume approach makes is MUCH easier to stick to your diet as well.

You’ll finally be able to get lean.

Almost feels too easy.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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