Going to Do More Vlogs

I think I’ve underestimated how helpful Vlogs are.

I was doing tons in 2015-2016.

I think they are helpful for a few reasons.

  • You get to see the Kinobody principles being applied
  • I can run you through the exact workout I’m doing
  • Get meal ideas, see portion sizes, etc.
  • Hopefully, inspire you to pursue and crush your goals

I just posted one a couple of days ago.

From beautiful Barcelona.

It’s titled Full Day of Eating & Training in Barcelona.

I think seeing a full day just makes it easier to visualize the Kinobody principles in action.

I got a lot of good feedback on this one.

Made me realize I need to do more of this type of content.

A Vlog kind of makes you get a feel for a person a little more than just an instructional video.

It’s almost like hanging out with me for a day.

I honestly wish I could spend a day with every Kino Warrior.

Or even a few days.

There’s a saying that may seem corny, but it’s spot-on.

A Vlog does this virtually.

This is why I think it’s such an effective way of teaching principles.

That being said, nothing really beats hanging out in person.

I’m BIG on that, which is why…

I have a 6 month “inner circle” program.

I’m looking for 9-10 guys who are doing well in business and life but want to level up.

We have two 3-Day live events.

Dinners, workouts, and mastermind sessions.

It involves weekly inner circle calls with me as well.

This is so powerful because it’s a true mastermind of guys who are all focused on rapid improvement.

If you are doing decently well in life…

But feel like you could be doing better we would love to talk to you.

Just fill out a few questions on this form.

Greg’s Private Inner Circle & Mastermind

What I love about this mastermind is that between the group, we all have so many powerful connections.

Need to know who the best FB Ads buyer is?

Someone in our group will know.

Want to know all the tools Kinobody uses to run our business?

We can cover that as well.

If you are Elon Musk, don’t need any more business success, and simply want to learn to work out the right way?

Apply for my Inner Circle

After you fill this out, we will be in contact to see if it is a good fit.

Looking forward to meeting up with this group.

Can’t wait to meet you in person!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher