Gold Diggers

I posted a video short the other day on Instagram.

It was a clip taken from an interview I had on the Layah Heilpern show.

Layah has a fantastic Youtube channel.

The interview lasted a little over an hour.

We talked about working out, money, dating, fat loss, etc.

Here’s a Link to the Full Video Interview on Youtube

This is posted on her channel.

It was cool reading all of the positive responses.

It went over well with her audience.

What is funny are the comments on my Instagram.

On the Instagram clip, I posted about being in shape and how “V shape strongest sign of physical attraction in men universally.”

Here is one of the responses…

This guy is saying that once a girl is a 9 or a 10, she doesn’t care about a guy being in shape anymore.

He’s saying it’s not important.

Here’s the thing.

You will definitely see super beautiful women with obese guys who have tons of money.

If all they offer is money…

They are way more likely to attract gold diggers.

This is literally the definition of a gold digger.

She’s with a guy for his money because that is the ONLY thing he offers.

I think you want to have the full package as a man.

Be your best self.

Get in shape, become confident, dress well, have a great sense of humor, and do as well as you can financially.

There are plenty of stunning women who are gold diggers.

These women look good but have little else to offer.

These are the “9’s and 10’s” that those rich guys who have nothing except money wind up with.

There are also stunning, feminine, and supportive women who are incredible to be around.

These quality women are rare, so they have options.

They aren’t going to settle for a dumpy guy.

Why would they?

They can find a successful guy who they are actually physically attracted to.

Quality women are drawn to confidence, success + being physically attracted to that man.

My recommendation is to dial in your physique first.

This builds confidence that leaks into other areas of your life.

Financial success is way more likely to happen with the high confidence and discipline built by getting in incredible shape.

Get this area of your life solved.

If you become the complete package as a man, you will never have to settle for a gold digger.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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