Greater Muscle Size Without “Puffiness”

Creatine is hands down one of the most effective natural muscle-building supplements on the market.

Take creatine.

You WILL add muscle size.

The problem with the most common form of creatine, creatine monohydrate, is that it causes water retention.

This is why we decided to go with Creatine HCL for our Kino Gains Formula.

Creatine HCL is superior in several ways.

The biggest thing?

It absorbs quickly into the muscles.

One study showed that HCL is 38 times more soluble than Monohydrate…

This is significant for two reasons.

  • You can get the same muscle-building effects with a lower dose (2 grams of HCL instead of 5 grams of Monohydrate).
  • Since it absorbs efficiently, you are unlikely to experience bloat and water retention common with Monohydrate.

I don’t like Monohydrate as much because it can make you look puffy.

Creatine HCL solves this puffiness problem.

If you have only used creatine monohydrate, I recommend you try our HCL formula instead.

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