“Hack Away the Unessential”

I’m a big fan of Bruce Lee.

He passed away years before I was born.

But I learned about his brilliance as a teen when I spent time in The Ross Training forum.

Ross Enamait, the owner of the forum, implemented a lot of Bruce Lee’s training methods and philosophies.

I started appreciating Lee’s philosophies.

His mindset and training methods were decades ahead of their time.

Here’s my favorite saying of his…

We need to follow this advice today!

With our phones, we have a firehose of information at our fingertips.

It’s honestly too much.

We are drowning in information, and it’s affecting EVERY area of life.

So much noise and distraction.

But I think some of this is beginning to change (in parts of the world).

I noticed this in Barcelona.

In Barcelona, people are more present.

They’re not looking at their phone non-stop like the US and Canada.

I can tell people are in a better place mentally.

Being in a state of constant distraction leads to a miserable life.

I’ve been simplifying my life, and it is paying off.

  • 20 minutes of Power of Now daily
  • Getting my steps in
  • Hitting a daily deficit
  • 2 workouts per week
  • A couple of hours focusing on my highest-value skill

This is really working for me.

I recommend it.

Start your day with presence, work on your health and physique, and then accomplish a task that moves you closer to your goal.

The rest of the time?

Focus on your relationships.

Connecting with people is one of life’s most incredible gifts.

And by simplifying your life of clutter and being present…

People become a greater priority.

I’ve been doing this for most of 2023.

It’s been incredible!

I know you have heard me mention I’m doing 2 workouts per week, but I want to share with you the EXACT plan I’m following.

It’s called “Lazy Ripped”.

  • 2 workouts per week for 2 months
  • 3 workouts per week for 1 month

I will end this email here.

Look for an email tomorrow titled “Lazy Ripped – Details on my New Program”.

This launches the day after tomorrow.

I’m loving this approach.

You will as well.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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