Hang With Me in October (All Expenses Paid)

Here’s the deal.

I’m blown away by all the incredible blood work being sent by Mojo customers.

The more proof that Mojo works, the better.

So keep sending me the before and after blood work.

Because I’m going to pick one person to fly out to Miami for a weekend in October.

We are going to train together.

Feast together.

Have a boat day and film it all and put it up on Youtube.

Will be epic…

Going to look at doing this every couple of months.

*Send me a DM with this info.*

  • Send your Mojo blood work.
  • And then a few sentences about why we’d have a dope time in Miami hanging out.
  • Also want to hear the benefits of how Mojo has leveled up your life and to what expense.

All expenses paid… flight, hotel, food.

All of it.

So set a reminder.

If you are starting Mojo, make sure and get blood work done.

Very important.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher