Hard to Get Chiseled if You Make THIS Mistake

Most people think of a bad workout setup as the thing that stops guys from getting chiseled.

That is part of it, for sure.

But I believe messing up the diet is just as bad.

  • Not tracking macros properly.
  • Underestimating or overestimating calories.
  • And honestly, probably too much meal variety.

I have ALWAYS made my best progress when I focus on just 3-4 different meals each week.

Simplify your meal plan.

*Kino Chef Ricky’s “Lazy Breakfast Sandwiches” (700 calories | 54g protein | 54g carbs | 31g fat).

Once you have the meal plan dialed in.

And you’re hitting your calories and macros perfectly.

You’re satisfied.

It’s easy.

That’s like a huge chunk of it.

Most people are not making the right meals, they’re not full, and they’re not tracking it correctly.

They have too much variety.

You just need a simple, easy, delicious meal plan.

And repeat these simple, delicious meals.

You do that, you get chiseled.

It’s that simple.

*Kino Chef Ricky’s “Chocolate Chip Kino Pancakes” (600 calories | 54g protein | 45g carbs | 26g fat).

When I got my biggest and strongest and got pretty massive…

Here’s how I ate.

I’d fast the first 5 hours each day.

My first meal would be a 600 to 700-calorie Chef Ricky meal with lots of protein (I loved his pancakes made with Kino Collagen).

I’d also eat a huge feast at night.

I just repeated the same few meals.

Once you dial in the meal plan, getting chiseled and shredded is almost automatic.

This is a MAJOR focus in Kino VIP.

Coach Ricky teaches you how to cook Kino-approved meals.

  • Recipes have just a few ingredients.
  • Simple and quick to cook.
  • Ideal macros for building muscle and keeping T levels high.

We even talk about what to eat when dining out.

Mastering your diet makes a massive difference in your physique.

The key is to eat in a sustainable way.

So the meals have to taste good.

Otherwise, you will binge when you get the chance.

We can help here…

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We have a whole community of the top 1% of Kino Warriors sharing their favorite diet and meal strategies.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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