Hitting Your Genetic Limit for Muscle

When I post exercise videos on Instagram or Twitter, I occasionally get a comment like this.

“You literally have added zero muscle in years.”

I don’t take this as a negative.

Here’s why…

First of all, it’s a testament to how effective my Kinobody programs are.

With my training methods guys can hit close to their genetic potential for muscle growth in 2-3 years.

Once you hit a 24-26 BMI at 10% body fat (or less), you are set.

I feel my best right at a 25 BMI (177-179 pounds).

I can lift heavier and eat more and get to a 26 BMI, but I don’t like it as much as 25.

I’ve also been as low as a 24 BMI.

I got extra lean and was down to 167 pounds.

I felt decent at a 24 BMI, but still preferred a little more muscle.

Here’s what men and women find most attractive.

  • Men find women in the range of 18-20 as most attractive
  • Women are most attracted to men with a 24-26 BMI

You can get to a 24 BMI pretty quickly.

This is roughly around where Ryan Reynolds has been for most of his career.

This photo was taken around the time he filmed Blade 3. He’s 6’2″ and 193 in this picture. A little under a 25 BMI.

Chiseled, face looks lean and angular, and can still fit into stylish clothing.

I’m sure there is a meat-head that sees Ryan Reynolds, who is baffled…

“I bet this puny dude can’t even bench 300 pounds.”


“Anyone over 6 feet tall should weigh at least 220 pounds. What a skinny twerp!”

These gym-obsessed guys simply don’t get it.

They idolize roided-up guys that women find repulsive.

Yes, you will occasionally find women who are into this bloated bodybuilder look.

Just like some men are attracted to women with a shit ton of plastic surgery, massive fake books, and tons of makeup…

As opposed to naturally beautiful women.

So what do you do once you hit 24-26 BMI?

Work on getting stronger at key lifts.

Or at least maintain strength.

Get lean.

Over time, your muscles will develop more definition and you’ll look more chiseled…”muscle maturity.”

You can also spend less time in the gym.

Spend that extra time hitting different goals and making your mark in the world.

At some point, you simply don’t need another 20 pounds of muscle.

The gym bros can’t wrap their heads around it.

So hit a 24-26 BMI.

Then just work on improving weak points by getting stronger in key lifts.

And get lean.

My advice for making this happen rapidly is to make sure your Free & Total T levels are optimized.

The Mojo Stack is awesome for this.

Higher T will help you accelerate muscle growth and fat loss.

It will help you hit a 24-26 BMI while getting lean.

Can’t recommend it enough.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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