How to be a “Tomcat in the Sack”

Want to be a Tomcat in the sack?

There are four supplements you can take that will help a lot.

1. The first one is Tongkat Ali.

Now, this is an herb from Southeast Asia.

It’s been used for centuries to increase libido and testosterone production.

There’s plenty of research showing that it’s very powerful in increasing T production and has pro-erectile effects.

2. The second one is Boron.

Boron is a mineral that’s very anti-estrogenic.

Whenever your estrogen levels are too high, that can diminish your performance, physique, and T production.

So, boron is very helpful for increasing free testosterone and reducing estrogen.

3. The third one is Pine Bark Extract.

Now, this is amazing at increasing vascular health.

It improves blood flow.

They’ve done research on pine bark extract with men who had mild-to-moderate ED, and literally, it cured 92.5% of them just with pine bark extract.

4. The last ingredient is actually Arugula Extract or Nitro Rocket.

This is very high in nitrates.

This improves nitric oxide production, helps relax your blood vessels, and has a Viagra-like effect.

Now, when you combine these four ingredients, you have higher T levels and better blood flow.

  • These are the main ingredients we put in Mojo (plus three other ingredients to enhance T production).
  • And Nitro (plus four other ingredients to improve blood flow and vascular health).

You can get both of these in the Mojo Stack (Mojo + Nitro).

The Mojo Stack is our best-selling stack for a reason.

Better performance in the gym from higher T levels and more blood flow.

But it is also very powerful in the bedroom.

Which is what all the Kino warriors are talking about in the comment section.

About how they’re noticing these bedroom benefits.

So, if you want to be a Tomcat in the sack, get on the Mojo and get on the Nitro.

Get The Mojo Stack (Mojo + Nitro)

And you will feel the difference in the very first week.

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