Hunger Comes in Waves…

To get lean, you are absolutely going to get hungry from time to time.

I don’t mind being a little hungry.

I just don’t like getting famished.

If you are getting unbearably hungry, it usually means your body is getting used to your new eating schedule.

This often happens when people first begin fasting in the morning.

If your body is used to eating an early breakfast?

You will experience hunger at the time you normally eat.

Here are the hunger waves of a person used to eating an early breakfast, midday lunch, and then dinner.

Your body releases ghrelin, your hunger hormone, at these times.

So, in this example above…

A person would be hungry at 8 AM, around 12 PM, and again around 6-7 PM.

Here’s the crucial thing to realize about this.

When you fast each day, your body should adjust to this.

It should release less ghrelin in the morning.


Hunger comes in waves.

If you ignore this hunger wave, you should experience less hunger.

You don’t get more and more hungry with time.

Let that wave pass.

One thing that helps me and those I coach a TON is to drink a glass of Octane on that first hunger wave.

Drink coffee before that second wave.

Octane is awesome for a few reasons.

It not only helps with hunger.

It gives you steady energy that helps you get shit done and focus without a crash.

This is due to the L-theanine.

The L-theanine also gets reactivated several hours later when you drink a cup of coffee.

So you experience this focus again after drinking a cup of coffee.

Octane is a superior energy formulation, but…

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher