If You Get Off Track?

Everyone gets off track from time to time.

It recently happened to me.

I was not locked in for a few weeks and recently gained 7 pounds.

It happened so quickly too.

  • I was still fasting
  • I was getting my steps in
  • I was just eating a little more at dinner
  • A bit more food late at night

I was gaining weight really quickly.

And it was like… F*ck, this is not going to end well. If I keep doing this, I’m going to be 220 pounds before I know it.

But I’m back on track now!

I made a quick Instagram update about it.

The fat is coming off faster than I gained it.

It’s feeling effortless too.

I’d like to teach you exactly what I do to get Locked In whenever I get off track.

It is a framework that ensures you will rapidly get shredded and it won’t feel hard at all.

Works every time, too.

I’m going to share all these incredible methods in a group coaching called:

Project Beach Ripped

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A group of us are getting shredded for the summer of 2023.

Starts soon, so don’t miss out!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallager

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