In a Calorie Deficit But Not Losing Body Fat?

Fat loss can happen quickly, but you have to be patient.

I KNOW this sounds contradictory.

Let me explain…

If you are in a calorie deficit for a few days, nothing happens.

Even sometimes a week, nothing will happen.

*It takes your body time to get into fat-burning mode.

It’s kind of hard to explain but…

There is a lag time between the calories you eat and whether you gain or lose weight.

This happens with a calorie surplus or deficit.

You might eat a shitload of calories for a day or two…

And you don’t gain weight.

*You might not gain weight a day after eating a huge plate of nachos… but you are setting your body up to put on fat.

String a couple of days together like this?

You will build up fat gaining momentum.

This is how people can look lean in the summer, eat crappy in August, and “all of a sudden” be 10-15 pounds heavier in November.

The body might even pack on 10 pounds in a month.

It happens.

But the reality is that they are kind of paying the price for their late summer eating habits.

There is a bit of lag time.

Fat loss momentum is similar.

*Being in a daily deficit works even when the scale isn’t budging that first week.

For the first 1-2 weeks, ANY type of cheating will mess up your ability to build fat loss momentum.

Be f*ckn strict at first!

This is why I recommend people stick to this EXACT plan when getting lean is a priority.

  • Octane 1-2 hours after waking up
  • Coffee 1-2 hours after that
  • Collagen Protein + 2% Yogurt + Banana + Rice Crispy Square for lunch (4-5 hours after waking up)
  • Steak + Potatoes + Green Vegetable for dinner
  • Magnum Ice Cream Bar (or equivalent 300-calorie snack) before bed

This strategy flat-out works!

It’s why I created The Lean Stack (Octane + Collagen).

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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