An “Invisible Force” Holding You Back?

Okay, this email is going to get a little deep.

Do you believe in free will, or do you think we are simply driven by brain chemistry and biology?

There’s a debate out there called…

“Determinism Versus Free Will”

Determinism looks at behavior as a biological thing.

You make a decision based on a chemical, hormonal or biological reaction in your brain.

You aren’t in control.

It “feels” like you are making choices, but you are almost on autopilot and are along for the ride.

Those who believe in free will don’t see it this way.

Free will is the idea that you choose your own path.

You are presented with options but are completely in control.

You are the driver.

*Supposedly, science backs determinism more than free will.*

This is hard for me to imagine.

I have to think we have SOME control over the choices we make.

There’s an alternative to determinism or free will.

Some philosophers believe there is a middle ground.

Called “Soft Determinism.”

Soft determinism means that you are partially guided by brain chemistry and hormones…

But you have more control than pure determinism.

You have some free will.

This makes a lot of sense to me.

And if this is true, you definitely want to pay attention to deterministic drivers like hormones.

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If determinism is even partially true, getting your hormones right can be a catalyst to make massive positive changes in your life.

This is also why I think it is stupid to smoke weed.

Weed messes with your brain chemistry and will put you on autopilot to failure.

Don’t underestimate the effects of hormones and brain chemistry.

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Again, science leans more towards determinism than free will.

It would be f*ckn TRAGIC to be held back in life by something as simple as a low level of a hormone.

Especially since there is such an easy fix for this.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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