Is Poor Gut Health Hampering Your Testosterone Levels?

Most people don’t associate gut health with T levels.

But recent research is uncovering a connection.

Some of this has to do with digestion.

For instance, we know that minerals like zinc and magnesium are key to producing testosterone.

If your gut can’t absorb these nutrients?

This will mess with testosterone production.

Testosterone is f*cking important!

It’s what gives you drive and passion as a man.

And gut health is linked to T levels.

There’s actually a study[1] showing that your gut microbes directly influence hormones.

They interact with receptors that control testosterone metabolism.

An unbalanced microbiome disrupts these signals.

Probiotics help here and, as a result, improve testosterone production.

Probiotics also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

This lowers cortisol, helping maintain normal testosterone

Gut imbalance is also tied to insulin resistance, weight gain, and thyroid issues, which all depress testosterone levels when out of whack.

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