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I just added a NEW 4-month workout plan to my women’s program, Kino Baddie.

It’s called…

The “Kino Baddie Minimalist Perfection Workout.”

If you own Kino Baddie, just log in and use this new workout plan.

It’s incredible.

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I believe this is the ideal solution to grow the glutes and creating a smoking body.

  • 3 focused workouts per week
  • 2 of the days are lower body
  • 1 of the days is upper body

A full 2/3 of your workouts are geared toward the lower body.

With a priority on the glutes.

The glutes are a large, powerful muscle group that requires a decent amount of resistance to respond.

You need to add strength in key lifts.

The way I have the minimalist program setup is that both Monday and Friday hit the lower body but in different ways.

The week looks like this.

  • Monday: Lower Body Heavy Workout using Reverse Pyramid Training
  • Wednesday: Upper Body Focus
  • Friday: Lower Body Light Workout using Kino Rep Training

Using heavy weights on Monday increases the size of the muscle fibers (Myobrillar growth).

You will finally hit those strong type 2 muscle fibers.

This will build the foundational muscle and lift the glutes.

Then we change it up on Friday…

Using higher reps on Friday builds the Sarcoplasm/fluid in the muscle (Sarcoplasmic growth).

It adds more volume and pump to the glutes.

This Mon-Fri workout combo grows the glutes to get that sought-after fit hourglass physique.

It’s ridiculously effective.

No frickin’ pish posh.

This combination of muscle fiber growth and sarcoplasmic growth is what has made my men’s programs so effective.

The focus in my men’s program is the upper body.

I took this same methodology, with a lower body focus for women and it is working incredibly well.

I think it will be game-changing for any woman who uses it.

My advice?

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Start this Minimalist Workout ASAP.

Do the workout and then get your 10,000 daily steps in per day and look and feel your best this summer!

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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