Kino Baddie (Women’s Program) 50% OFF & NEW 2024 Workout

Big announcement.

I created a new module that I just added to Kino Baddie.

It’s a whole NEW 4-month training phase.

I’m calling it the “Kino Baddie Minimalist Perfection Workout.”

Here’s the setup.

  • Monday: Heavy glute-focused lower body training to build the foundational muscle needed for that killer hourglass shape. We’re using reverse pyramid training here.
  • Wednesday: Upper body workout. Just enough volume here to keep the upper body firm and proportionate without adding excess size.
  • Friday: Light higher rep glute-focused lower body workout for building a pump in the glutes, adds curves and shape in the right places.

This works so frickin well.

A heavy lower-body day mixed with a lighter high-rep lower-body day is simply the perfect setup.

It’s a flawless women’s workout.

And I really prefer it over the original Kino Baddie workout setup.

This is a minimalist workout.

It gets rid of the excess…

And focus on just the movements needed to look f*cking amazing.

If you already own Kino Baddie, make sure and log in and switch to this workout.

It’s incredible.

If you don’t own Kino Baddie?

I’m offering it at 50% OFF for the next 2-3 days.

Kino Baddie 50% OFF

This setup really is ideal.

Two lower body workouts per week (one heavy and one light).

One upper body workout to keep the upper body firm without adding a bunch of size.

Grab this ASAP.

Kino Baddie 50% OFF

Use this for the next 4 months.

You are going to look f*cking amazing.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher