Kino Crispy Bars… for Sale Now!

I’ve been snacking on various Rice Crispy bars for years.

It’s my cheat code for staying lean.

The texture and chewy consistency of these bars is so satisfying.

I’ve tested a few types of protein bars.

These satisfy me so much more than those traditional chocolate candy bar style protein bars.

Plus, it gives your jaw a bit of workout.

It feels like cheating being able to eat these while staying lean.

So I had to launch my own version.

Just in time for Christmas!

You need these in your life.

I typically eat a bar along with a bowl of Greek Yogurt, but had one along with a mug of hot cocoa the other day.

So frickin delicious!

Our bar is superior to other bars on the market.

Check out our sales page to see why…

Kino Crispy Bar

Quantities are limited here.

Depending on the demand, this one may sell out quickly.

So order ASAP to get part of this first batch.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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