Lazy Ripped! Chocolate Every Night

If you’re going to be lazy ripped.

The last 20% of calories are for your dessert

My go-to back in the day was a chocolate almond bar by Green & Blacks.

Finishing my calories with this?

I was cooked.

So easy to stick to.

Occasionally, I mixed it up with two chocolate peanut butter Magnum ice cream bars

Always waiting 5-10 minutes for it to get soft and creamy

Sometimes, frozen Reece’s Cups.

This past summer I’ve been doing Kit Kats… same deal.

From the fridge and Damn, they are so good!

And finally, Celebration Cookies

These taste so damn good

But hard to sometimes not go over, LOL.

Point is, you want to find the dessert you can master and stick to easily.

When you can stay in deficit and enjoy chocolate every night…

Fat loss is easy!

Beta boys on the elliptical and buying almonds.

I’m on the Mojo and fasting.

Lean, strong, chiseled.

Mojo dialed.

In shape effortlessly, opportunities just come.

New system and group drops next week.

Going to transform 3,000 of you into lazy and ripped.

Can’t wait!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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