(Important) Big Change Happening With Kinobody in 2024

Starting tomorrow, we are starting a new chapter with Kinobody.

Let me explain…

At the end of 2023, I decided to close down our high-ticket coaching and pursue another approach to get better results for more people.

Instead of me and my best coaches being separated…

I wanted to have all of us under one roof.

A member’s area of my very best coaches and the most focused Kino Warriors.

I’m calling it Kino VIP.

“One group to rule them all.”

A mastermind absolutely focused on helping you add chiseled muscle and get shredded within the next 4-6 months.

With everyone in one group…

We can provide immediate and daily coaching from the Kinobody Coaches.

This is where I plan to be as well.

  • I’m sharing my top curated routines for muscle growth, fat loss, and building big shoulders.
  • Lifestyle Advice: Women, cars, fashion, music, etc.
  • Advanced mindset tactics and hypnosis routines
  • Weekly group coaching calls

In the past, we have used Facebook Groups to build communities.

Too many distractions there.

And to be honest, we have probably created too many Kinobody FB groups.

I now want the top 1% of Kino Warriors and my best coaches in one place.

Having 5+ Facebook groups is pish posh.

Need one single group of laser-focused men.

Here’s why we chose the Skool platform.

This Skool platform is sweet because not only can you interact with the community and share progress pics, etc.

I can easily load course content in an organized manner.

Right now, we have these course modules.

  • Movie Star Workouts (6 months)
  • Greek God Workouts (4 Months)
  • Lazy Ripped Workouts (3 Months)
  • Exercise Video Library (30+ Videos)
  • Diet & Meal Strategies
  • Lazy Riped Cookbook

…and this is just the start.

It’s so darn easy for me to add my best stuff here.

I plan on adding new modules on a regular basis.

Not only will you have my best routines, diet, and workout tactics…

You can get your questions answered immediately.

You’ll also meet other Kino Warriors in the community section.

And if you ever feel lost or need some extra guidance, my coaches and I will be there for you.

We want to see you succeed.

I’m thrilled to build this tight-knit community where iron sharpens iron.

Where we encourage each other to become our best selves.

To maximize life in every way.

Reaching higher levels of performance that allow you to take on bigger challenges and reap bigger rewards.

In the past, we’ve charged $3,000+ for coaching.

Those clients got incredible results.

But so many of my best and most loyal Kino Warriors were priced out.

This always bothered me.

Plus, if I’m honest, I had to hire phone sales guys to sell these high-ticket packages.

And they didn’t always represent Kinobody the way I wanted.

Kino VIP replaces all of that.

  • Access to my best coaches
  • Access to me
  • The mastermind group
  • All my best workout and diet programs
  • New course content added regularly
  • Group coaching calls
  • A supportive community

This launches tomorrow at $99 per month.

Look for an email tomorrow titled.

“Kino VIP Is LIVE!”

This price is a steal.

Especially when you consider the dramatic physical changes you’ll experience in just 4-6 months.

I’m so f*ckn pumped to get this rocking in 2024.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


I just launched a new comprehensive system called Mojo Mastery.

It includes.

  • Mojo and nitro subscription
  • 6-month movie star routine
  • Nutrition protocol for cutting & bulking
  • Testosterone guide to maximize T
  • My Mindset guide for more success
  • My sleep protocol to feel reborn
  • Live monthly calls with me
  • Mojo Club (group access w support)
  • Early access to clothing launches
  • Much more

This is a $249 per month program.

Everyone who joins now will lock this in at $99/month.

The $99 per month includes The Mojo Stack ($75 per month value).

So essentially you are getting the rest of this system with coaching and monthly calls with me for just a little more than the cost of the supplement.

The price will eventually be $249 per month.

So lock in this incredible deal!

Mojo Mastery