“Micronutrient Malnutrition” – is Messing Guys Up

Let’s be real…

Most of us aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables to get all the vitamins and minerals we need.

But what if you do eat a lot of vegetables?

You think you would be set.

But research shows that it is becoming nearly impossible to get all the crucial nutrients through diet these days.

Here’s a study from last year.

This study looked at sodium, iron, copper, and magnesium.

In many cases, it found that a serving of vegetables get you 50% less of these minerals in 2019 compared to 1940.

It’s not just because the soil is getting depleted.

  • We can get much more vegetables per acre of soil now.
  • We can grow fruits and vegetables larger than in the past.
  • This means less nutrients in each piece of fruit or vegetable.

This study only looked at 4 micronutrients, but you can assume our produce is deficient in all micronutrients.

This is another reason I believe you need to supplement the most important nutrients.

Kino Mojo contains – Magnesium and Zinc. These are crucial minerals when it comes to optimum testosterone levels.

I know I mention Tongkat Ali as a key ingredient in Mojo.

It is incredible for boosting Free and Total T.

But Magnesium and Zinc are absolutely needed for testosterone production as well.

It is very UNLIKELY that you are getting enough.

This is why I believe Kino Mojo is a must.

Boron is another micronutrient most of us aren’t getting enough as well.

I included Boron in Mojo because it blocks xenoestrogens that we get exposed to in our environment.

I’ll say it again…

You need to try this!

Kino Mojo

These crucial minerals stacked with Tongkat Ali really make a huge difference.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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