Mojo Approved Whips for Under $50K

I was flipping through today, plotting out my next car purchase.

I love my Lamborghini Urus and Porsche 911.

GREAT cars.

I’ll probably keep them for quite a while.

But always have fun seeing what is out there.

This gave me an idea.

If I had $50,000 to spend, what type of car would I buy?

It would 100% be a used car with low-ish miles.

Would have to be a stylish brand that I was excited to drive.

First, I looked at cars I would NOT pick.

I had NO idea a pickup truck cost $60,000.

Holeee crap!


Terrible gas mileage and talk about blending in…

Let someone else be that “friend with a pickup truck” that you need to call on once every 5 years to haul something.

Unless you live in moonshine country or need this for your job, I would avoid it at all costs.

Pfft, so a pickup truck is NOT Mojo approved!


Any beta boy Subaru.

Do you want to meet a girl with hairy armpits?

Cause this is how you meet a girl with hairy armpits!

This is another boring car that tells the girl you are safe and boring.

The type of girl who likes this is going to want to boss you around.

And even worse, you will probably take it.

So Subaru is NOT Mojo approved!

I won’t even ride in one since it kills my T levels!

Next let’s talk Volkwagen.

I have mixed feelings here.

They are okay German cars.

Underpowered for the most part and Audi’s ugly sister.

Not terrible if you get one for cheap.

If you are young and it is your first car, then that is fine.

I really don’t think spending $50,000 on a Volkswagen is a good call.

It’s pretty pish posh to spend this much on a VW.

Too close to beta boy behavior.

And you are likely to be good friends with that Subaru guy.

So you’ll be surrounded by hairy Boss Babes.

So VW (at $50k) is NOT Mojo approved!

If you crave any of the cars I mentioned, it’s okay.

My guess is that your free T is down.

Take the Mojo Stack (Mojo + Nitro)

We’ve all been there.

  • I was timid around girls at one point.
  • Indecisive.
  • Not confident, etc.
  • Especially after test-driving a Subaru when I was younger (sorry, couldn’t resist).

But seriously.

Driving a car that you are proud of makes a difference.

Good for your T levels.

Let’s talk about Mojo approved whips.

I have to start with the Porche 911.

I normally pick black cars, but Porsche does an awesome silver metallic.

I’d drive this.

I’m telling you, I feel fantastic in a 911.

It’s just the right mix of classy without being too flashy.

They handle like a dream too.

The only issue is that you would probably want a second larger car for things like grocery shopping, etc.

Any Porche 911 is 100% Mojo approved.

Another good German car is the Audi Q8.

My first nice car was an Audi.

I especially like black Audi’s because they remind me of what a villain would drive in James Bond movies.

The Q8 is cool because it shares a lot in common with my Lamborghini Urus.

Audi owns Lamborghini and lots of crossovers between these two models.

Obviously, lower horsepower, etc.

But I love my Urus and would have no problem driving this car.

So Audi Q8 is Mojo approved!

Next, let’s get to Jaguar.

The F-Type definitely gives off James Bond vibes.

I typically get black cars, but this “British Racing Green” is such an outstanding color.

I’ve seen this exact car in person.

It looks like a $100,000+ car.

Like something 007 would drive.

And seriously, you pick up your date in this VERSUS the Subaru Outback.

Come on!

You know this is soooo much better.

Jaguar F-Type is 100% Mojo approved.

Another car that seems more expensive than it is the Maserati.

This is another stylish car.

Even the name “Maserati” sounds luxurious.

You could get a VW Golf for $5,000 more, but why would you?

It’s not even a close call.

There are several models you can get under $50,000.

The Maserati is 100% Mojo approved!

Finally, I’ll end with a sedan.

I have a soft spot for Audi because this was my first big purchase.

This S7 is frickin nice!

I’d have no problem having this in my driveway.

I really prefer Audi over BMW and Mercedes.

Just seems to be a car for a younger person compared to those cars.

This car gets bonus points, too.

Especially if you get it in black.

This is one of the cars featured in “50 Shades of Grey”.

Every girl has seen this movie.

I’m talking 100%.

Would be a solid conversation starter.

Especially if she mentions your car.

“You know, Christian Grey drove this car. We have a lot in common.”

Okay, maybe this is cheesy.

I’d f*ckn have to try it, though lmao.

This isn’t an exhaustive list.

Maybe I’ll do a part 2 at some point or do an under $30,000 car or under $100,000 car, etc.

But the main point is this.

Drive a car that excites you.

Go with a slightly used, more luxurious car instead of buying a brand-new boring car.

Because seriously…

Has anyone got laid in a Toyota Camry?

I know a Camry is more responsible than all of the cars listed above.

But No Nisk, No Reward.

Sometimes, it pays to be a little irresponsible!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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