Mojo Challenge – Don’t Open This if You’re Soft

Guys are sabotaging themselves.

I’ve been talking about it all this week.

I recently wrote an email titled…

Biggest Mistake for Guys Taking Mojo

I sent this on Wednesday and got a lot of great feedback.

I talked about masturbation, or hanky panky (as I like to call it).

What I’m seeing is that guys are taking The Mojo Stack, and their sex drive is going through the roof.

And they increase the hanky panky to match their sex drive.

This is a mistake.

You need to use this drive to go out and meet quality women.

You need every bit of masculine energy possible when you meet up with a girl you are extremely attracted to.

The old hanky panky drains you of all of this.

You will also have less sexual desire.

Less confidence.

Even if your free T is raging from lifting weights, a good diet, and Mojo

When you masturbate too much?

You lose your edge.

I’m telling you, women feed off your sexual energy.

The best sex happens when desire is high.

This same energy can also be channeled into accomplishing goals, having killer workouts, getting creative, etc.

Too much hanky panky is taking away your greatest edge.

So I had an idea.

In my last email, I discussed the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights.

The plot is that the main character decides to go 40 days and 40 nights without sex.

Women are trying to jump his bones like crazy, now he’s not chasing it.

He gets new hobbies.

Is more productive

And he eventually meets his dream girl.

I thought it would be fun to do a similar challenge.

But with a couple of changes.

  1. Cut out porn completely. It’s garbage and rewires your brain.
  2. Cut masturbation to the absolute minimum. Once per week (tho some are doing full 40 days without – that’s hard mode).
  3. Sex with a REAL woman is allowed (and encouraged).

We are starting today!

The “Mojo Challenge” will go from January 5th – February 13th.

This is an unofficial challenge.

I want to see how many Kino Warriors participate.

See if they notice a difference.

Get feedback, etc.

If this goes well, I think I’ll turn it into a much more formal challenge in the future.

One last thing.

Bonus Points if You Are Taking Mojo Stack

Seriously, this stack sends sexual energy and desire through the roof.

It takes tremendous discipline to eliminate hanky panky.

But I suggest going out and meeting some actual women.

I know, crazy suggestion, right?

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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